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City of Angels

Urban. Sophisticated. Contemporary.

The way lead you from Venice beach to the heart of the city.
Dirty and shimmering, unconventional and polarizing - A dream and likewise a myth.
Inspired by LAs beauty, Einstein & Newton clothing is created.

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Everyday another me!

Reinvent yourself every day!

Our designs and prints allow you to express all facets of your personality.
Our biggest wish is that you wear our clothes with the same pleasure we do!

We can change the World

Fair trade is very important for us.

Wearing our clothes not only means being on the right side of fashion but morally as well.
Einstein & Newton is speaking against inhuman working conditions and exploitation.

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Ingenious as Einstein & Newton. Creative and unique. By the combination of urban, fashionable and particularly premium clothes with innovative patters and prints an extra ordinary label was born. Prints which became the DNA of the collections. Prints which let you experience Los Angels in all its facets. A dream and likewise a myth. Dirty and shimmering. Unconventional and polarizing. The way lead you from Venice beach to the heart of the city. Inspired by LAs beauty - Einstein & Newton clothing is created. New day new me is the device. Do it like Einstein & Newton: Reinvent yourself every day! Different designs, prints and patters allow you to express all facets of your personality: Casual in a tanktop and sweatpants, cool in a t-shirt and chino, sophisticated in a blouse or layering-top combined with trousers or a skirt. From colorful all-over prints over witty patters to lovely pieces of embroidery, the possibilities of styles are endless. Varied like the vibrant city, exciting and steadily developing so are the collections of Einstein & Newton. The clothes of Einstein & Newton accompany you the whole day and night. A suitable for daily use layering-dress combined with fancy high-heels is an eye-catcher at every party. A shirt in combination with chino pants creates a cool business-outfit. After a successful day you come home and slip in a cozy hoodie and a comfortable sweatpants. Long summer nights short winter days. Keep yourself warm in the premium knit-collection of Einstein & Newton. Edgy cuttings and prints, heavy and fine knitwear with cashmere, cozy sweatshirts and coats of wool accompany you through the cold season of the year. Unfortunately summer cant last forever but with the colorful blousons and reversible jackets of Einstein & Newton you can bring back the sun of LA.